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Criticism of David Gerrold’s Criticism of the Film Snowpiercer

30.09.2015, noahward

Based on his facebook post here: ‘All right, so let’s talk about SNOWPIERCER, a brilliantly produced movie that ultimately fails in the two most important ways a science fiction film can fail.’ Yeah, saw the movie years back, I think… Still, I am more than up to discuss it. And I agree, the movie …


Debunking the Matamas Challenge

04.08.2015, noahward

“Firstly, by way of background, The Mamatas Challenge was a comment by author Nick Mamatas on John Scalzi’s blog:“ “If the Hugos have really been dominated by leftist material that prized message over story since the mid-1990s (Brad’s timeline), it should be very simple for members of the Puppy Party to name one work …


Who Decides The Best SF/F Novels?

01.07.2015, noahward

A recent Sad Puppies related discussion lead to the topic of how well the Goodreads Choice Awards match up with the Hugo nominations. Thus I decided to actually find out, and therefore compiled a list of the works that had appeared on both awards. On this list I added mentions how well the Hugo nominated …